Rustic Steel Creatiometal-artists-dominique-martinezns founder Dominique Martinez has never taken the easy way out. Instead, he has worked hard in a number of different jobs. Along the way, he became a welding artist with a love for making custom pieces of art from steel and iron, and decorating high-end homes. This led him down the path of creating his business: Rustic Steel Creations.

At Rustic Steel Creations, your welding artist takes a different approach to everyday welding.  We look at our profession of working with steel and iron as an art form and therefore approach our projects like creating a piece of art.
Each welding artist on our team is not only highly experienced, but also extremely passionate about what they do. Being a welding artist at Rustic Steel Creations means never using the same design twice. It means pushing new energy into each project presented and avoiding an assembly line process. On top of creating commissioned custom art and decorating high-end homes, our welding artists enjoy creating pieces for the public to enjoy in their communities.

When working with the Rustic Steel Creations team, you will experience more than just a service, you will be as involved as you’d like in the creation of your custom metal art.  To learn more about our experience and welding artists, get in touch with us today.