scrap-metal-art-boltAt Rustic Steel Creations we are not your typical metal fabrication shop, our design and creative abilities as a one stop shop separates us from the rest.  As well as offering traditional services, we set ourselves apart with our scrap metal art made from found objects. For these special projects, we take what others would call junk, and piece it together to make a masterpiece as well as a conversation piece, that individuals will and can relate to.  We have found that those who witness our scrap metal art unanimously enjoy picking out everyday objects that have been used to create something brand new. Some of our most popular and noted scrap metal and found objects art include: a Bud Light Lombardi trophy, a computer-processor-based-dragon, and a football player made out of a Weber grill and Lincoln car parts.

scrap-metal-art-dragonWhen someone commissions a scrap metal art sculpture from Rustic Steel Creations, they are more than welcome to help out in the process of finding items to create the scrap metal art sculpture. By helping out they have more of a personal tie to the piece and the objects used to create it.

Our Scrap Metal Art Process

When creating these pieces our welding artists study the images that they are to fabricate and mentally seeking parts of an organic shape that would fit where needed.  They will make each piece that is placed in the sculpture meaningful. For each found object used in our scrap metal art, there is a story of why it is placed there and what the significance is.  By doing scrap metal art sculptures our welding artists keep their creative juices flowing so they can continue to come up with one of a kind masterpieces for our cliental, which in turn makes them even more passionate about their project, if only all jobs were like that.

scrap-metal-art-alienOur welding artists and creative team get the scrap metal from all over.  Countless hours are consumed in finding these unique pieces at junkyards, and every once in a while you have a rare find, like M-16 gun barrels, or a bronze globe and too many others to mention.  Other times we will have construction workers or other folks drop by and ask if we’d like their scrap metal to use for future sculptures.  At times we have been known to find pieces on the side of the road.

We invite you to get in contact with us today to learn more about our passions and to see how we can create something spectacular for you.