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    scrap-metal-art-fishWhy be like everyone else when you can be different? At Rustic Steel Creations we don’t just construct traditional metal art, we set ourselves apart by expressing our passions and visions through the creation of functional metal art.  We thoroughly enjoy the challenge of combining our client’s imagination with our steel fabrication skills to produce metal art seen like never before.  Our team of welding artists and steel fabricators create public metal art and outdoor sculptures to enhance the community it is placed in. Through commissioned furniture pieces and found objects de art sculptures, we work to inspire the imagination within our clients required needs for the project as well as complimenting there style in design and taste.




    Steel Furniture

    Did you know metal art is an option when choosing décor for your home? The type of furniture you go with speaks volumes about your personal style and taste. Custom-made steel furniture extends beyond today’s overly produced pieces that all look the same. At Rustic Steel Creations we push the envelope and create one-of-a-kind custom furniture that can’t be found anywhere else.  Read More >>





    Sculpture that makes a Statement

    At Rustic Steel Creations we don’t just create traditional metal art work, we stand alone in our furniture designs.  Furniture enhanced with implementation of found objects, making art functional as furniture. For these special projects, we take what others would call junk, and piece it together to make a masterpiece.  We have found that those who witness our scrap metal art unanimously enjoy picking out everyday objects that have been used to create something brand new.Read More >>


    Metal art is a great way to express your personal taste.  All of our metal art is custom made to your liking. Learn more about our metal art by getting in touch with us today.