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    Rustic Steel Creations is now offering Creative Welding Classes for the public, whether you’re just curious or an expert! The classes will start at 9:00 am and will end at 1:00 pm. Students will have (2) 10 minute breaks during each class.

    What students can expect to learn from these classes isn’t available within the area outside of our doors. After extensive research and searching for creative welding classes nationwide, we’ve found that they simply do not exist.

    Why not learn these techniques from people who can document their successes? Why not learn from people who are actually doing what they are teaching on an everyday basis? This is not just a class about welding, but a class about creating something beautiful from cold steel..

    Classes will be taught by one of our creative team members. The cost of each class is $250.00 per person.

    Rustic Steel Creations will provide the following:

    • Welders
    • Instruction on welding and design
    • Welding gases
    • Welding hoods
    • Safety shield
    • Work station
    • Table vices
    • Material
    • Most of all, a creative and safe environment

    You are to bring the following:

    • Leather fitted gloves, not polyester or gardening gloves
    • Close-toed shoes, preferably sneakers
    • Long sleeve shirt/long sleeve t-shirt
    • Jeans
    • Refreshments (non-alcoholic, and we have plenty of bars in the neighborhood to visit for happy hour after your class!)
    • A plan

    In these classes, students will learn welding techniques and manipulation of steel. By the end of the class, students will have created a piece of metal art that they can take home with them.

    Class sizes are limited, so reserve your spot today! First come, first serve basis! We accept credit cards or check to reserve your spot. Group packages are available as well. Multi-class discounts are also available.

    If you are interested in taking a Creative Welding Class, call us at 813.222.0016 or email us at: