wrought-iron-gates-1Our beautiful hand-forged and wrought iron gates are unlike anything you’ve seen before. At Rustic Steel Creations our welding artists and the use of our 50 ton power hammer is something to take pride in.  Shaping and pounding raw steel into something of unique beauty thus making a statement yet alone a work of art. Another very important aspect of wrought iron and forged gates are security and functionality, which is why this is one of the biggest factors that go into the design.  Our wrought iron and hand forged gates are designed with the highest standards, which is apparent from design to fabrication to installation.

Our Wrought Iron Gates Process

We start each wrought iron gates project with a site visit, to ensure the design and style that you are requesting truly fits with the space it will be placed in. We are artists and don’t want to create something that isn’t going to flow well with the rest of the art you may have.  After the initial site visit, our team will:


  • wrought-iron-gates-2Sit down with you to discuss items that you’d like us to take inspiration from when creating gates. We also will suggest items we have come across while doing research on your specific project.
  • Create sketches of what the gate design will look like.  Once approved, we don’t start welding quiet yet. We then will create AutoCAD renderings for one last final approval.
  • After final approval the AutoCAD renderings are handed off to the welding artists so they have exact specifications of what needs to be created. These AutoCAD renderings help ensure the project goes smoothly and stay on the schedule promised to the client.

Would you like to find out what your options are regarding wrought iron, hand forged and pedestrian gates? We’d love to discuss your vision. To learn more get in touch with us today.